Let it ROCK!!

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Interviews

I recently sat down with Minnesota’s local artist ROCKnROLL who just released 4 new songs on iTunes and a music video to go along with his hit single “We Belong 2getha” co-starring local radio host Danni Starr from the new 96.3 NOW, and a cameo by yours truly. We talked about the status of his group Just.Live, his thoughts on today’s music, what he’s bringing to the table, and his ideal female.

Phat:  So you’re doing a solo project, what happened with Just.Live?
Rock:  Yeah the solo project is a bunch of singles.  I’m not really tryna do an album right now, just building a buzz.  The whole Just.Live thing is kind of another story.  I just got bored with doing that and dealing with this whack record label we were signed to, so for right now I’m putting that on hold.
Phat:  So as a solo artist would you label yourself as unsigned?
Rock:  I’m signed to my own label, Special Kidd Music.  I own everything, no
splits.  I produce and write all my own music, so I own all my shi*!  Which in this industry, is the best way to go.
Phat:  Speaking of the industry, what direction do you think it is heading and what changes are you making in your style to gain your position in it?
Rock:  The Industry is weird, and music is always changing so the Industry
will always change.  I don’t really change for the industry, I just be
myself and find ways to make the industry change for me.  I always have
about 50 plans going in my head, so whatever has to be done, I’m ready
for it.
Phat:  I feel that. You mentioned you produce and write your own music. What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs?
Rock:  Haha, I LOVE talking about girls in my music! I think there are so
many things you can say about relationships. Other than that it’s just my
everyday life in my music, things I experience or things I’d like to
Phat:  Do you think these topics will change over time?
Rock:  Yes fo’sure the topics will change over time. Different experiences will definitely inspire different topics.
Phat:  You LOVE talking about girls, and I’m sure you come across plenty, what type of female piques your interest?
Rock:  I would say the type of girl that piques my interest is girls that are original. Girls that set trends and are true to themselves.
Phat:  Have you ever written a song about a girl and she called you out on it?
Rock:  No I don’t think that has happened. I try to write from a broad stand point to keep other people safe, but I do tell all my business in my rhymes!
Phat:  When not writing songs, making beats, or in the studio, what are you listening to?

Rock:  I listen to a lot of Wyclef’s stuff and anything produced by Timbaland.  I listen to a lot of radio believe it or not.  I’ll give you a run down of what i just listened to 5 minute’s ago.

Young Jeezy “Lose My Mind”
Drake feat. Nikki Minaj “Up All Night”
T.I. “I’m Back”
Eminem feat. Pink “Wont Back Down”

Phat:  So your selection is limited to hip hop only? Or would we find some Steve Miller Band & Lynyrd Skynyrd in your collection? Haha!
Rock:  My music collection is totally different then that list, that’s just what I have been on as of late.  My collection consist of artists like Eric Clapton, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, Curtis Mayfeild, and Aerosmith.
Phat:  Nice! Very diverse. Ok, what is the best way to describe you and your music to someone that has never heard you before?
Rock:  It’s hard to describe my style, I’m so all over the place with my
stuff.  I would probably say, hard synths! Knocking drums, party shi*!
For the streets!
Phat:  I hear that!  In the past you’ve toured with Wyclef, who is another artist you hope to tour with in the future?
Rock:  Yeah Wyclef is one of the dopest artists of our time.  What artist
would I wanna tour with in the future?  I would say Kanye West. I think
Kanye does some different things with music and live performance, it
would be dope to tour with Ye.
Phat:  I follow you on Twitter (@itsRock) and you started your own daily hash tag called #woulduROCKthis in which you post pictures of the latest fashions, how would you describe your fashion and what inspires your look?
Rock:  Yeah my fashion sense is crazy! I’m also going to be doing my own
clothing line under my company name Special Kidd.  Fashion is a huge part of my creativity.  My style right now is more urban.  Last year I was touring in shiny mase and puff daddy jackets, this year I’m on Jordans, V-necks, and College Jackets.
Phat:  Can’t wait for the clothing line!  Anything else you want the people that read this interview to know about ROCKnROLL?
Rock:  Yeah, more singles and videos coming very soon!  -ROCK!
ROCKnROLL’s singles “Ayoo” “We Belong 2getha” “Get It Girl” and “I Make It Look Easy”
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